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We study, formulate, adjust and apply custom made products for oil wells, disposal wells & injection wells. Heavy oil and secondary recovery projects are our biggest expertise, with the best team of scientists, petroleum engineers, chemical engineers, geologists and operational crews we are consider the first options by private owners and corporations to solve highly complexity problems and operational challenges.

TDWS leads the field of the application of specialized and reformulated products tailored to the needs of each well, taking into account the characterization of oil, geology, method of production and other variables derived from the reservoir.

Echo-59 is the solution to maintain the production of the well in time avoiding the decline of the production product of the appearance of organic precipitates, it can be used in injection potholes or administered by the continuous injection system.

Flow assurance & Storage tanks


Once the maximum possible production has been achieved, the transfer of the product through pipes and its storage for its separation phase is a primary factor.

Paraffins, asphaltenes, scales and long retention time for later transfer to crude tanks and released water are the most common problems.

TDWS after many years of study applied in the field, has developed Golf-2 that improves the mobility of crude oil, creates an internal wetting layer inside the pipeline to prevent corrosion.

Our product mixes with the flow of crude oil and inhibits the formation of paraffins and asphaltenes, delivering in the wash tank a crude oil that would show better separation a defined phase of water for injection and a crude oil under commercialization conditions.

Complex emulsions & tank farms


When a well or system is treated with dispersants or unsuitable products, the adverse effects can usually be observed in the yard of tanks, separators, exchangers and finally in the refineries, upgraders and injection wells, which reduce their efficiency significantly.

 This is due to the use of products that work towards a phase either lipophilic or hydrophilic, with this great challenge TDWS developed Tango-4, a Biphasic surfactant that is able to act in both environments, breaking the emulsions of water in oil and oil emulsions in water.

Groups of analisys allowed to separate the factors that facilitate the formation of encapsulation within the oil flow. One of the most significant case studies is that of oil fields where naphtha is used as a viscosity reducer, in this case the naphtha creates a film that encapsulates the emulsion and is transported to the end of the process where the naphtha is recovered, appearing then important volumes of water not reflected in the tank yards.

Injectors & Disposal wells



CoreClearâ is a non-toxic, biodegradable surfactant that has been designed and perfected for water injection wells. A rigorous reservoir engineering study and thousands of laboratory hours and successful field tests make it the ultimate solution to water management problems in injection wells with surprising results in terms of their effectiveness. 

Oil Spil Remediation


  Ωgreenclear ®  It is a tensoactive linear surfactant, totally vegetable.

A surfactant works in a way that induces an oxidation - reduction and physical chemistry caused by electrolysis on the contaminated body, resulting in an exchange of electrons between molecules, some donate electrons, ie, reduced, and the other accepted, ie oxidize.

Thus, the hydrocarbon molecular chain is broken, resulting in the loss of well-known characteristics such as adhesion, viscosity and aroma 

New Technology


V-18R Exothermic technology   It’s It’s amulti -functional functional functional functional chemical chemical productproduct productto ensure ensure thethe flow assuranceassurance assuranceassurance assuranceassurance and andthethetheoptimization of oil production,production, production, developed developedfor forthe thecontrol controlcontrolcontrol controlof crude crudedeferred,deferred, deferred, blockage blockage with asphaltenes, asphaltenes,asphaltenes, asphaltenes, paraffins, paraffins, paraffins, revoked,revoked, revoked, scales, scales, scales,in horizontalhorizontal horizontalhorizontal horizontal and andvertical wells, wells, wells,surface surface equipment equipment equipment (pipelines, (pipelines, (pipelines,separators, separators,separators, separators,separators, separators, separators,towers, towers,towers, heatheat exchangers, exchangers, exchangers, desalters,desalters, desalters, tanks, tanks, etcetc .).Also Alsoimprove flow of (H /EH) crude crude oil) and H2Scontrol control . 


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TDWS INC. Company legally established in the State of Texas develops activities in the three stages of downstream, midstream and upstream oil production. The main objective of TDWS is to contribute to the structural change of the oil world, including a comprehensive vision of the business, new technologies and products tailored to the specific needs of our customers.

Currently, it develops operations in the United States and Mexico with commercial presence in Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Brazil, Argentina and Peru; as well as an expansion plan on Europe, Asia and Oceania.

TDWS, in response to the multiple challenges presented by the oil refining and oil refining production process, has developed a broad line of products and services that are designed to provide viable, practical and economically sustainable solutions for customers.

Our products are formulated by our group of scientists and engineers to perfect and maximize the effect of them in each area of ​​action.

If your organization wishes to obtain more information about our products, do not doubt to contact any of our representatives.


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