Echo-59 / Easy lift


Echo-59 is a chemical product designed to work from the chemical composition of oil without the need to induce temperature, without the use of large equipment, without jeopardizing the mechanical integrity of the well, do not create potholes that must be treated or disposed of. frac tanks, has no acid components that can affect the rock matrix or the mechanical integrity of the well.

Viscosity Reducer

Heavy oil requires significant investment to produce and maintain continuous and stable production rates. the high content of asphaltene and paraffins restrict the passage of fluid from the formation to the production pipeline.

The wells, as time goes by, decline their production as products and techniques are used to restore the production rate.

Acidification, stimulation with solvents, injection of steam are the most common services, each of the previous vary in their efficiency and cost.

Our engineers have developed a viscosity-reducing product that by far differs from the traditional ones. is in the ability to clean the formation and turn the face of the formation, the interior space of the production pipe, wetting it and eliminating the precipitation of asphaltenes and paraffins.

Demulsifier / Emulsion Breaker

Our range of demulsifiers have been proven to increase the volume of crude oil production product. Microemulsions are complex molecules that allow to coexist a portion of water and one of crude in different concentrations, by means of which, a stable combination can be lodged in the water or oil phase, which can not be separated by density difference method in the washing tank .

These emulsions generate problems since, when subjected to temperature, they give erroneous readings about the compositional quality of the crude oil and, in turn, can generate operational problems in relation to the volume of water and sediments in the oil. Our product is designed to break microemulsions and provide two streams of water and clean crude under commercial conditions as well as eliminate blockages by microemulsions in the well.

H2S Control / Defoamers

The wells producing oil with a high level of H2S, show a series of symptoms that regularly relate to the integrity of the facilities of the well, sulfidic acid or H2S generate a high level of corrosion on the production pipeline as well as problems in its management

TDWS has developed a H2S sequestrant that inhibits corrosion as well as providing a sweetening of the hydrocarbon stream from the bottom of the well.

All these effects will be beneficial for the separation of compounds other than crude oil and will protect the ease of production and transport.

Biocide / Corrosion Inhibitor

TDWS has efficiently faced this problem in the fields of California where the high water cuttings of the producing wells once in contact with oxygen and environmental agents, develop microorganisms (algae) that are transformed into particles that affect the efficiency of the well producer and injector, the development of alguicides or biocides regularly have secondary effects on the water phase of the oil which demands the additional use of clarifiers and demulsifiers in the different areas of production.

Biocide products recognized by their brands in the majority of their cases showed an effect that effectively restricts the generation of algae, but instead, create a complex emulsion in the water phase which in the washing tank and the injection well creates major problems both for the management and quality of oil as well as water.

TDWS has developed a product that can inhibit the formation of algae and, in return, produces a clarifying effect in water.

Water Disposal cleaning

The management of congenital waters, is a challenge in states that present a high cut of water, after the process of the washing tank the water management must be destined to the disposal wells or injectors, but government and environmental regulations demand an efficient process without high pressures and high flow. States such as California, USA allocate large resources to ensure that pressure limits and volume of injected water are within the regulation as well as perform water quality analysis, our experience in tripling injection rates and delivering clean volumes of water have converted TDWS a reference in California and we want to provide this great service around the world.