Oil wells operation, Disposals and Oilfields


In TDWS we provide the service of well operators (pumpers), for oil wells, disposal wells and injectors wells. Under this format our staff is in charge of operating the wells of a client with the support and experience of engineers, technicians who will guarantee the best practices and decisions to support clients in sustaining production.

Our pumper crew is integrated by a general engineering coordinator, two well technicians with experience in mechanics, chemicals, electricity and welding. A pumper crew can handle up to 50 wells within a reservoir. TDWS will allocate as many crews as necessary to support the operational management of its oilfield.

Services for independent oil producers

Independent producers are the base of the oil business since its beginning, in many cases the number of wells that operate exceed the response capacity within its reach, TDWS is able to operate the wells of each area, producers, injectors and disposals to guarantee the operational continuity of the field as well as increase the production of the same.

Our model is based on carrying out a study of the production of the field for the last 6 months, establishing a monthly production capacity, with this value of barrels established, we proceed to carry out the transfer of operations to TDWS, from that point we commit ourselves to sustain the established value of production as well as increase production and negotiate compensation for those volumes of crude produced additionally.


This model is under development in Mexico with PEMEX fields with great success.

Dip and Pay Certification

As customer request.

Isotank Containers (rental)

Oilfield Chemical facility Unit.

Modular (mobile) office and labs